I am passionate about teaching philosophy and greatly enjoy working with undergraduate and graduate students.  In the classroom, I draw on teaching methods backed by empirical research in education.  My courses incorporate the work of a diverse range of scholars, which is important both for philosophical progress and representation in the field.

I am Faculty Lead for the Immigrant Student Success Office (ISSO) and Chair of the UndocuAlly Committee at Brooklyn College. These organizations are dedicated to supporting undocumented students and other students on campus whose educational and life paths have been shaped by immigration.

As a graduate student at Yale I received a Prize Teaching Fellowship (2012), which is “considered among the most important honors that Yale bestows upon graduate students” (https://gsas.yale.edu/teaching-fellow-program/prize-teaching-fellows).

Below you will find a list of courses that I have taught.  If you would like to see the syllabi for these courses or have any questions, feel free to contact me.

Brooklyn College
Social Philosophy (Fall 2021; Spring 2021; Spring 2020; Spring 2019)
Political Philosophy (Fall 2023; Fall 2021; Fall 2020; Fall 2018)
Moral Psychology (Fall 2021; Fall 2020)
Moral Issues in Business (Spring 2024; Fall 2023 x2; Fall 2021; Spring 2021; Fall 2020; Spring 2020; Fall 2019; Spring 2019, x2; Fall 2018, x2)

Australian National University
Graduate Foundations Seminar, Edouard Machery’s Philosophy Within Its Proper Bounds
(Semester 1, 2018)
Reading Course on Federalism (Semester 2, 2017)
Reading Course on Locke (Semester 1, 2017)
Introduction to Ethics (Semester 1, 2017 and Semester 1, 2016)
Theories of Social Justice (Semester 2, 2016)
Advanced Ethics, Social, and Political Philosophy: Moral Psychology (Semester 2, 2016)
Advanced Ethics, Social, and Political Philosophy: Morality Across Borders (Semester 2, 2015)